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It all started when...

...Cliff Bailey's dad brought home a camcorder in the mid-90s. Up to that point, Cliff was obsessed with comic books and movies, but when that hi-tech piece of audio/visual equipment arrived, it was all about the movies.

Inspired by some of his favorite TV shows at the time, Cliff started making short films with his action figures and Mario Paint. Then, when Jurassic Park first hit theaters (and after four viewings opening weekend), Cliff knew in his heart he was destined to be a filmmaker.

Twenty years on, Cliff is living his dream in Honolulu, attending college for the third time, earning a second bachelor's degree in filmmaking after a worldview-changing experience in the Navy. With a handful of already satisfied clients, Cliff is looking to expand his business and looks forward to seeing what Phazon Media can do for you!