Cutting It Close with Cliff Bailey

Everyone has a story to tell and we all benefit from hearing and telling. That's the basic philosophy fueling Phazon Media's creative engine and here that's distilled into it's most basic form: talking story.

Inspired by podcasts such as The Nerdist, You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, and The Tobolowsky Files, Cliff sits down and has conversations with normal, amazing, inspiring people to help put their stories out into the world for your listening pleasure and edification. Sometimes he goes solo, too, but nevertheless you're going to get something good.



Music can be one of the most moving and compelling ways to tell a story. As words inform the brain, fabricating ideas that trigger thoughts and feelings, music speaks directly to the soul.

Inspired by The Ear Candy Update, Cliff bases each episode of the Supersonic Music Hour on a theme or concept, playing at least an hour's worth of music, maybe illustrated with words.